South African High School Rugby Player Suffers Nasty Broken Leg (Video)

rugby player nasty leg break describes the annual rugby match between Grey College (Bloemfontein) and Grey High (Port Elizabeth) as “one of the oldest fixtures on the South Africa schools calendar, dating way back to 1929 when the two sides first met.”  Over the weekend, these two schools met once again, and the result was what may very well be the most talked-about match in their 85-year rivalry.

However, the attention being placed on the latest encounter between these two schools has less to do with the terrific showing from Grey College (which resulted in their 50-28 victory), and more to do with the horrific injury suffered by Martin Groenewald of Grey High.

With his team trailing 38-14 in the 50th minute, Groenewald’s landed awkwardly on his leg when he was tackled by a member of the opposition, breaking the standout lock’s leg in two places.

Here’s a look at the incident:

And here’s a look at Groenewald’s x-ray of his broken tibia and fibula, courtesy of

Martin Groenewald broken leg rugby

That wasn’t pretty at all, but you’ll be happy to hear that Groenewald’s surgery was a success and he is due to be released from Bloemfontein Mediclinic today.  And while he may not set foot on a rugby pitch for some time, the 18-year-old star seems to be coping with the injury quite well, according to his head coach, who said “he was in a certain amount of pain but it was slightly alleviated by the fact that he had 20 Collegiate girls next to his hospital bed.”

Yeah, chick dig scars…and gruesome leg breaks, apparently.

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