Donovan McNabb and 15 Others NFL Players Who Signed and Retired

NFL sign and retire

Some NFL players move around the league so much that you don’t really think of one specific team when you recall their careers. Take Terrell Owens, for example. The guy is number two on the list of career receiving yards, but do you think of him as a 49er, an Eagle, or a Cowboy?

There are other players, however, that you will always remember as playing for one team, even if they played for others. Donovan McNabb was one of these guys, and on Monday he signed a one-day contract with the Philadelphia Eagles so he could retire an Eagle.

Of course, this sign-and-retire thing has become pretty prevalent in recent years. The way the game has changed over the decades, with free agency and high salaries, guys try to extend their careers as long as possible, even if that means leaving the place they feel most at home. Teams, meanwhile, have to make economic decisions that cut against sentiment, which means cutting ties with fan favorites.

The sign-and-retire, therfore, is a way for everyone to get a bit of closure. And today we’re going to take a look at 15 of the most notable such retirements in recent memory.

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