Drew Brees Is a Bad Tipper (Photo)

Drew Brees Saints

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is third on the list of highest-earning American athletes according to Sports Illustrated’s 2013 Fortunate 50.  In addition to the $40,000,000 he earned during the 2012 NFL season, he also made $7,800,000 in endorsements.

So what does Drew Brees do with all that money?  Well, I can’t tell you exactly what he does with it, but I can tell you what he doesn’t do with it: tip waiters and waitresses.

Evidence of that comes in the form of this receipt:

drew brees bad tip receipt

Yup, that’s a receipt from a $74.41 bill that Brees racked up at Del Mar Rendezvous in Del Mar, California, recently.  For those of you who aren’t all that good at math (and don’t own a calculator), $3.00 on a $74.41 bill works out to be a 4% tip, which means Drew Brees isn’t cheap.  He’s very cheap.

Hat Tip – [The Dirty]

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