Jonathan Toews & Patrick Kane: Great at Hockey, Bad at Dancing (Video)

jonathan toews dancing

The Chicago Blackhawks just won their second Stanley Cup Championship in four years with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane leading the way. So obviously, these are two of the best hockey players in the world right now.

However, at a recent Blackhawks fan event called “Reliving the Stanley Cup Final” (for those with really short memories, I guess?), a couple of fans asked them to have a dance-off—something way outside the average hockey player’s comfort zone. And both players actually accepted the challenge.

Now, you’d kind of expect Patrick Kane to have no problem busting a move right there in front of everybody. The dude likes to party, so he probably did a little pregaming and had a good buzz going. But Toews, the captain, seems like a more serious, all-business kind of guy. So the fact that he indulged the fans with a really poor attempt at the moon walk was a pleasant surprise.

Take a look:

Let’s hope ABC can get one or both of these guys on Dancing with the Stars. Because that would be absolutely amazing.

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