Indians Pitcher Justin Masterson Displays Zen-Like Concentration During Interview (Video)

Justin Masterson interview

On Monday night, during the Cleveland Indians’ home game against the Chicago White Sox, pitcher Justin Masterson gave a little interview to the Fox Sports announcers from the dugout in the bottom of the second inning. The main topic of that interview? The success of the Cleveland Indians starting pitching.

Of course, Masterson gives a pretty standard answer about camaraderie and teamwork and taking it one game at a time. However, the whole time he’s demonstrating the real reason for their success: an incredible ability to focus.

Throughout the whole interview, Masterson’s teammates are spraying water and throwing sunflower seeds at him, but the guy is not phased at all. It is obvious, therefore, that the Indians put their pitchers through some sort of ninja focus training program.  Maybe they had to keep a candle lit while walking a tight rope across a gorge, or maybe they had to maintain eye contact with their girlfriends as they talked about their day at work while the television played porn right behind them.  Either way, Masterson is a pro.

Take a look:

Well done, Masterson. Well done.

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