Fan Jumps into Ring at South African WWE Event and Punches Randy Orton in the Junk (Video)

fan attacks randy orton

The WWE is kind of like the boy who cried wolf. They’re always staging incidents that they either imply or flat out say are not part of the act, such as someone’s girlfriend running out from backstage to suddenly jump in the ring to save her boyfriend or punch some other chick she thinks is sleeping with her boyfriend. But the fact is, most of these incidents are all part of the show. And for that reason, we tend not to believe them when they say something wasn’t planned—even if it is. They’ve already cried wolf about a thousand times.

I bring all this up because, at a WWE event in South Africa this week, supposedly, a random fan hopped into the ring while superstar Randy Orton was standing on the turn buckle, walked up behind him, and punched him in the junk.

Take a look:

Now, the WWE says this was not part of the show, and that this dude is being held by the Cape Town police. But of course, the WWE says lots of things.

On the other hand, this is not the first time we’ve seen a South African pro wrestling fan get a little carried away and jump into the action. In February we saw a little old lady go nuts and threaten South African wrestler Johnny “Iceman” Sabin at an event. So maybe the attack on Randy Orton was legit, and this is just something South African wrestling fans like to do.

What do you think? Part of the act, or a genuine fan attack?

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