Helmet Cam Shows What Vikings Training Camp Looks Like from Adrian Peterson’s Perspective (Video)

adrian peterson helmet cam vikings training camp

NFL training camp is one of the most grueling institutions in pro sports, which is probably why players don’t mind too much if prolonged contract disputes cause them to miss a week or two. Even with the pranks and hazing, the nonstop drills and meetings under the oppressive summer sun can get a little tedious.

Of course, these harsh conditions have also made training camp kind of legendary. They’re now part of the gridiron warrior mystique, and fans love getting an inside look into what it’s like—especially from the perspective of the NFL’s most valuable player.

That brings us to the Adrian Peterson helmet cam. The Minnesota Vikings wired up the NFL’s most dangerous offensive weapon with a camera and mic for a day and edited the footage into a short three and a half minute clip that gives us an idea of what training camp is really like…

…Well, at least from the perspective of a superstar who is in no danger of being cut.

Take a look:

Now, if only the NFL can figure out a safe way to have guys like Peterson wear a helmet cam during the regular season. I’d probably pay to watch that footage.

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