Couple Caught in the Act at Volleyball Game—and Yes, It’s Exactly What You Think (Video)

dude getting blow job at volleyball game

Here at Total Pro Sports, we often come across clips of fans making naughty oral sex gestures at sporting events, and when we do we show them to you. Why? Because that’s what the internet is for—embarrassing the mothers of drunken idiots.

However, today we’ve got something truly remarkable for you. It’s not a fan making a naughty oral sex gesture. It’s a fan—er, fans, plural—making naughty oral sex. Period.

This footage is from a Brazilian television broadcast of an international volleyball game between Germany and Russia that was part of an FIVB World League tournament in Argentina last month. We don’t know if they caught it completely by accident, or if the producer of the telecast is just a perv, but it happened.

Now, the footage isn’t “graphic,” but it’s still very NSFW. Take a look:

Yes, that’s right. Wow.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a couple sharing an intimate moment at a sporting event. But this might just be the most bold and daring instance we’ve come across.

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