Let’s All Laugh at How Bad Cristiano Ronaldo Is at Baseball (Videos)

cristiano rolando first pitch dodger stadium

How big of a d-bag is Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo? So big that, even though he’s one of the two or three best soccer players in the world, I’m still going to make fun of him because he sucks at baseball.

Now, I’m not saying Ronaldo is a bad person. For all I know, deep down he’s got a heart of gold. I’m just saying he’s kind of a wiener who whines and dives and makes really conceited jokes when wide-eyed little kids ask him innocent questions. Would I take him on my team in a heartbeat? Absolutely. Though I don’t think he’ll be joining the Major Indoor Soccer League any time soon.

Anyway, like I said, even though CR is like some kind of magical wizard on the soccer field, on the baseball diamond he’s not so great. Yesterday the guy was the guest of honor at the Los Angeles Dodgers game, so he took some batting practice in the cage and threw out the first pitch, and in both cases it was evident that he is not a big baseball fan.

First, take a look at his hitting. Good hand-eye coordination? You bet. But he swings like he’s playing tennis:

And now check out his first pitch. It was juuuust a bit outside:

Poor bastard. I guess he’ll just have to be content with being a ridiculously famous athlete with hundreds of millions of dollars and a Victoria’s Secret Angel for a girlfriend.

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