Scratch That—Drew Brees Isn’t a Bad Tipper After All

drew brees

When that picture of a receipt signed by Drew Brees hit the web a few days ago, with that $74.41 total and the $3.00 tip, everybody was all over it. That thing with the preacher and the Applebee’s waitress in St. Louis a few months back went viral, and that didn’t even involve a celebrity. A case of a super rich famous athlete stiffing a hard-workin’ waitress named Carissa? That sounded like gold!

Of course, in hindsight, the only problem was that we didn’t know anything about the transaction. Maybe Carissa was the worst waitress in the history of waitresses. Or maybe, I don’t know, the receipt was for a takeout order, in which case a $3 tip isn’t bad at all.

Um, yeah, it was for a takeout order. So says Mr. Brees himself:

brees tweet
And, more importantly, so says the manager of the restaurant—who points out that, if the receipt were for a dine-in customer, it would have had a table number in the top left corner.

So, well, oops. We take it back. Drew Brees: still a class act.

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