Marcus Vick Takes to Twitter to Put a $1000 Bounty on Riley Cooper’s Head

marcus vick and riley cooper

There are some people who really should not allow themselves to use Twitter. Marcus Vick, the less talented, less rich, and less employed little brother of Michael Vick, is one of them.

Last November, after the Eagles lost to the Saints on Monday Night Football, Marcus issued a tweet requesting that the Eagles trade his brother. Now he’s issued a tweet about his brother’s Eagles teammate, Riley Cooper, that’s even more problematic.

As you are almost certainly aware, Cooper was recently caught on video at a Kenny Chesney concert telling some “bro” that he would “fight every n*gger in here.” It really was horrible, and despite all of his apologies, those are words that can never be erased from our collective memory. The prevailing opinion on this subject, as I understand it, is that you either are the kind of person who uses that word, or you aren’t. And unlike Paula Dean, Cooper can’t give the old “I grew up in a different era” excuse. The dude is 25 years old, and that word simply should not be in his vocabulary.

I’m not saying that Cooper is a horrible person. But he’s obviously a flawed person. And you can see how the black people he works with on a daily basis might be…well, kind of enraged.

However, nothing Cooper said could have justified what Marcus Vick said on Twitter:

Marcus Vick Tweets About Riley Cooper
Marcus Vick quickly deleted this tweet, but images of it are still out there, and it’s not good. Apparently Marcus was absent the day his and Michael’s mother gave the “two wrongs don’t make a right” speech.

Meanwhile, the elder Vick has condemned his brother’s sentiments and actually publicly defended Cooper, saying “I know what type of person he is. That’s what makes it hard to understand but easy to forgive him.”

I guess if anyone can sympathize with a dude who wants people to believe he’s not really a terrible human being, it’s Michael Vick.

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