Aaron Hernandez Writes Letter from Jail Saying He’s “NOT GUILTY” (Photo)

aaron hernandez in jail

Hey guys, good news! Aaron Hernandez didn’t do it!

Or at least that’s what Hernandez wrote to his pen pal, Karl, in response to a letter of support Karl had sent him in the slammer.

You see, apparently “God has a plan” and “put [him] in the situation” (and took those photos of him holding that gun before and after the murder of Odin Lloyd) because Hernandez needed to be humbled, having lost his way “after making all that money” (and shooting people). The world of “haters and down talkers,” meanwhile, “just makes things out of false accusations” (or true ones) and “will feel like crap” (or not) once he’s exonerated (or sent to jail for the rest of his life).

Truly moving stuff. Here’s the entire letter, courtesy of the fine folks over at TMZ:

aaron hernandez letter from jail

“Keep this off social media PLEASE!”


Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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