Bob Burnquist Gives us the First Nasty Injury from the 2013 Summer X Games (Video)

bob burnquist broken nose x games

The 2013 Winter X Games were marred by some nasty crashes in slopestyle skiing and, of course, the tragic death of snowmobiler Caleb Moore. That got lots of people talking about the risks these extreme athletes take, and you know ESPN would rather not have that kind of publicity.

Well, the 2013 Summer X Games in Los Angeles aren’t off to the best start in the injury department. During the Skateboard Big Air competition last night, Bob Burnquist, who came into the games looking for his third straight gold in the event, took an absolutely nasty faceplant on the quarter pipe and busted his nose.

Take a look:

Looks pretty unpleasant, huh? Well, it probably was. But Burnquist is a skateboarder, and those dudes can handle some pain. So he just shook it off, took another go, and wound up with a bronze medal.

All things considered, that’s pretty damn good.

Hat Tip – [The Nosebleeds]

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