Johnny Manziel Could Be Ruled Ineligible for 2013 NCAA Football Season

johnny manziel

Forget drinking. Johnny Manziel has an autograph-signing problem.

For the last few weeks, a lot of folks in sports media have been obsessing over the hard-partying ways of Johnny Football. You know, because he’s been going to lots of parties, getting drunk, and doing stupid d-bag type things—pretty much like 80% of all male college students. However, what people should have been worried about—people like Johnny’s parents, and the folks running the football program at A&M—was where the hell Johnny Football was getting the money for his jet-set lifestyle.

Oh sure, his family was probably footing the bill for a lot of it. But the guy’s pretty much been on a North American tour since school got out, and he’s been spotted sitting courtside at NBA games and taking photos in the locker room with the Miami Heat. That’s some conspicuous stuff, and one had to figure it would draw the attention of the NCAA.

Well, it has. ESPN’s Outside the Lines is reporting that the NCAA is currently investigating a flood of Johnny Football-autographed photos and merchandise that hit eBay in January just after the BCS National Championship Game. And according to OTL’s two sources, what the NCAA is probably going to discover is that, while in Miami for the big game, Manziel went to the home of an autograph broker named Drew Tieman and signed hundreds of autographs in exchange for a five-figure fee.

In case you’re really bad at counting, a five-figure fee would be somewhere between $10,000 and $99,999. And yes, the authenticity of the autographs that went up on eBay in January have been verified by two of the nation’s top autograph authentication companies.

So what does all this mean? Well, if the NCAA can prove the obvious—that a guy just doesn’t sign hundreds of autographs for free so that some dude who he’s never met can make a fortune—then he could be ruled ineligible for the 2013 football season.

And you probably thought the only sports suspensions you’d here about today would be those related to the MLB’s biogenesis investigation, didn’t you?

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Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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