Big Muscles Couldn’t Help This Mets Fan Open a Simple Bottle of Water (Video)

beefy mets fan can't open water bottle

Big muscles may help you pick up drunk chicks at a New Jersey nightclub, but apparently they can’t help you perform a task as simple as opening a bottle of water. And that means, for one unlucky Mets fan, they couldn’t help save him from internet embarrassment.

At the New York Mets game against the Kansas City Royals on Saturday at Citi Field, the SNY TV cameras caught said unlucky fan trying to open a bottle of water for some people sitting a couple rows ahead of him. The big beefy fella tried, and tried, and tried, but finally, utterly defeated by PepsiCo’s gorilla-proof cap system, he was forced to give up and explain to his girlfriend what was going on.

Take a look:

Defective cap? Probably. But it’s more fun to make fun of him and insinuate he is somehow less of a man, right Mets announcers?

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