Mario Balotelli Plays the Italian National Anthem on the Piano for Andrea Pirlo (Video)

balotelli plays piano for pirlo

Italian striker Mario Balotelli is probably the biggest personality in soccer today. The guy is talented, stubborn, outspoken, funny, infuriating and charming—sometimes all at the same time. He has a statue of himself at his house, and he wears purple speedos while vacationing on the Riviera. So, you know, people just love him. Or hate him.

So what do we have for you today?

How about a video of Super Mario serenading his Italian national side teammate Andrea Pirlo with the Italian National Anthem on the piano?

Sound good? Okay then:

Of course, that’s not real. The internet says it’s some sort of advertisement created by a Chinese agency, though no one seems to be able to say what it’s trying to sell. But I bet you thought it was real, didn’t you? You were probably like, “sure, Mario Balotelli plays beautiful piano. Why not? He’s Italian.”

And therein lies the greatness of Balotelli: we’ll believe pretty much anything we ever hear about the guy, because nothing is too crazy.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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