Bowling Pin Machine Ruins Man’s Shot at Perfect 300 Game (Video)

bowler's perfect 300 game ruined by pin malfunction

Well, the machine revolution foretold in countless science fiction movies from Terminator to The Matrix has begun. However, it didn’t begin with a nuclear attack, or anything big and showy like that. No, it began at a bowling alley in Houston, when a pin rack ruined a man’s shot at a perfect 300 game.

Over the weekend, a man named Troy Walker was competing in the 2013 Luci Bonneau Doubles Tournament. After rolling 11 strikes in a row, everyone stopped to watch his attempt at 300, and from the moment the ball left his hand on the twelfth shot, things looked good, but then something insane happened. At the last possible moment, right before the ball struck the pins, the rack came down out of nowhere and blocked the ball. Perfect game denied!

Of course, poor Troy got to take the shot over, but on the second attempt he left three standing, yielding a final score of 297.

Check it out:

Obviously the machines have become self-aware. One can only assume this was their first small step toward the eventual annihilation of the human race.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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