Michal Marosi Rides the Wall and Makes an Unbelievable Pass During a 4X Mountain Biking Race (Videos)

michal marosi 4x mountain biking insane pass

For some reason, road racing is the only type of cycling that mainstream sports media will cover.

Is there anything wrong with road cycling? Not at all. Who doesn’t love the epic endurance test of the Tour de France?

However, in terms of sheer, unadulterated action, there are a number of other cycling events that really are better. And one of them is 4X mountain biking, which basically takes mountain biking and BMX racing and combines them.

So just how awesome is 4X mountain biking, you ask? Well, you’ll need to watch the following race to fully understand. It’s from a Czech event called the JBC 4X, and it features a dude named Michal Marosi wiping out, falling way behind, and then coming from behind to take back the lead in just about the most insane, gravity-defying way you could imagine.

Take a look:

And here is Marosi’s pass from another angle, shot by a spectator:

If the guys riding through the Tour de France had to do stuff like this, I might actually watch.

Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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