The Carolina Panthers Give Us Our Latest Feel-Good Story from the NFL (Video)

jack bolton 8-year-old carolina panthers coach

You know, when I come across stories like this, my initial reaction is always cynical. “Oh come on,” I say, “it’s a publicity stunt.” And obviously, it is a publicity stunt aimed at getting good press and distracting us from what’s happening on the field.

However, every single time, after I learn more about the stories and watch the accompanying videos or look at the accompanying photos, my position shifts. Sure, they’re publicity stunts, but they’re also really making people happy. Is there anything wrong with that?  Of course not!

Today’s feel-good story comes to us courtesy of the Carolina Panthers and an 8-year-old boy named Jack Bolton.

Bolton is a huge Panthers fan who happens to suffer from spinal muscular atrophy, which means he requires a wheel chair to get around and may not live to graduate high school. He was recently given the ultimate fan experience when the Make-A-Wish Foundation teamed up with the Panthers to name Bolton the “associate head coach” for one day.

So what did Jack do with his one day as co-head coach of the Panthers? Take a look:

What? NO, I’m not crying. Something’s in my eye, okay? Leave me alone.

Seriously, though, hats off to the Panthers for a job well-done. Lots of teams do this kind of thing, but they did it better than most.

Hat Tip – [Fox Sports Carolinas]

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