Fan Makes Great Catch on Home Run Ball, Then Crashes Face-First Into a Concrete Wall (Video)

minor league baseball fan makes incredible catch

I gotta tell you, this video has it all—a kid dressed up as Steve from Blue’s Clues, a fantastic catch, a head-on collision with a concrete wall, and, last but not least, a montage of astounded cats, dogs and rodents.

At a recent Class A minor league ballgame between the Dayton Dragons and the Lake County Cougars—which are two awesome team names, by the way—a home run ball hit by Lake County’s Jorge Martinez was tracked down on the grassy knoll behind center field by this kid in a striped green shirt. Then the dude made an absolutely fantastic highlight reel catch before crashing into a concrete wall face-first.

Fortunately he was not seriously injured, but instead bounced right back up looking rather pleased with himself, as he should have been.

And then that’s the point in the video when the guys in the production truck rolled their usual “amazed animals” reel before showing the replay.

Take a look:

Like I said, this clip has pretty much everything.

Hat Tip – [Cut4]

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