Kobe Bryant Goes to China and Makes Grown Men Weep (Video)

chinese man sobbing after seeing kobe bryant

What’s Kobe Bryant been up to while recovering from that terrible torn achilles—besides tweeting pictures of his smoking hot wife, I mean?

Well, right now he’s doing a publicity tour in—where else?—China. No, it’s not an NBA publicity tour. It’s a Kobe publicity tour. He does them pretty much every summer, in part because he gets paid millions and millions of dollars from his sponsors, and probably also in part because, over there, Kobe (and not LeBron James) is still the greatest basketball player in the world.

So what do the stops on the “Kobe Does China 2013” tour look like? Well, they’re basically huge pep rallies with thousands of screaming fans, only instead of celebrating a team, they celebrate one dude—a dude that these fans seem to believe is some kind of deity.

Here’s a look at what goes on at these things:

And here’s a look at one fan’s reaction to seeing Kobe live in the flesh:

(WARNING: this is one of the greatest YouTube videos of all-time.)

Is this guy the world’s biggest Black Mamba fan, or is he actually telling a reporter about how a shopping mall collapsed and he watched hundreds of people get trapped in rubble?

Either way, that little girl in the background is like, “Dude, get it together.”

Hat Tip – [Ball Don’t Lie]

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