Surfer Anastasia Ashley Has the Best Warmup Routine in the History of Sports (Video)

anastasia ashley twerking warmup dance

Having a rough week? Well, I’ve got two pieces of fantastic news for you. One, it’s Thursday, so the week is almost over. Two, you are about to watch a video that is one minute and thirty-three seconds of awesomeness.

What does the video show, you ask? Oh, not much really. Just the hottest women’s pro surfer on the planet putting Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke to shame with the most ridiculous warmup dance you’ve ever seen.

That surfer, of course, is Anastasia Ashley. You may have heard of her. Apparently she likes to warm up before hitting the waves by putting on her headphone, cranking up the volume, and…twerking.

Is any of this really necessary? No, of course not. It’s all part of her act. In fact, pay attention to the other surfer at the 0:34 mark. She’s like, “B*tch are you serious??”

But life isn’t about necessity. It’s about the little pleasures. So take a look:

Happy Thursday everybody!

And you’re welcome.

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