Batter Gets Hit by Pitch, So He Throws Bat at Pitcher (GIF + Video)

baseball brawl

When you’re playing baseball and you get hit by a pitch, and you think it was on purpose, you could charge the mound and challenge the pitcher to some hand to hand combat—like a man. However, there’s always the risk that this could happen—and you don’t want that.

So what can you do that could not possibly result in you being put in a headlock and noogied? Well, you could throw your bat at the pitcher. Sure, if you hit him he could die and you might go to jail. But at least you’ll have your revenge, right?

This is what one player in the Far West summer collegiate league was thinking recently.  I don’t know if the batter was a Humboldt Crab or a Menlo Park Legend, but he was on one of those teams, and when the opposing pitcher drilled him with a pitch high around the head, he made his displeasure known by throwing his bat at the guy.

As you can imagine, a bench clearing brawl ensued.

Here’s a GIF of the back-and-forth between the pitcher and batter:

crazy baseball fight batter throws bat at pitcher

And here’s a video of the whole melee:

Hat Tip – [For the Win]

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