Brazilian Soccer Referee Obliterates Player (Video)

soccer ref runs into player

This weekend the NFL preseason got underway, giving us our first taste of hard-hitting gridiron action in six whole months.

The great irony, however, is that the biggest “football” hit of the weekend didn’t occur on said gridiron. It occurred on a “pitch” in Brazil, and it was delivered—believe it or not—by a referee.

That’s right, folks. I’m talking about soccer. At a match between Brazilian clubs Club Atlético Paranaense and Internacional on Sunday, the referee was running up the field with the play and had his eyes glued to the guy with the ball, which is normally a good thing. Unfortunately in this case, this guy’s peripheral vision isn’t so great, so he did not see Internacional player Andrés D’Alessandro coming right at him.

The result? A bone-crushing hit on D’Allesandro worthy of the NFL.

Well, the regular season NFL, anyway.

Take a look:

Pretty great, right? And seeing as how this guy didn’t get beheaded afterward, maybe the Jets should consider signing him. They lost a pretty good cornerback in the offseason and could probably use somebody with good foot speed and an ability to make tackles.

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