Watch Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel Spit Out His Dentures (GIF)

charlie manuel dentures

Just two years ago, the Philadelphia Phillies were arguably the best team in baseball with the starting pitching equivalent of Murderers Row and a fearsome lineup. There was no way, it was thought, that those guys wouldn’t win the World Series. But they didn’t win the World Series, two years in a row.

After that, something funny happened: the Phillies got really, really old. Guys started popping achilles, tearing rotator cuffs, blowing out elbows, spraining various joints, and pretty much falling apart. Now the average age of the Phillies’ lineup is—wait, let me look it up—ah yes, 47 years old.

Okay, they’re not that old. But they’re old. And nowhere are they older than right at the top. Manager Charlie Manuel is 69 this year, and he is really looking like a crusty old-timer these days, from the way he puts a dent in his hat just so, to the way he likes to spit out his dentures and then suck them back in.

Yeah, you heard me. The dude spits out his dentures and then sucks them back in. It’s a lovely little trick.


charlie manuel dentures

Someone get this man some Fixodent!

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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