High School Baseball All-American Game Ends in Crazy Double Dog-Pile Celebration (Video)

double pile-up high school all-american game

At the end of the 2012 Perfect Game All-American Classic Presented by Rawlings, which is the very fancy (and stupid) title of the high school baseball all-star game, both the winning team and the losing team took part in one of the most unique sports celebrations of all-time: a huge double dog-pile on the pitching mound. It’s unclear if it was pre-ordained, or just a spontaneous act from a bunch of kids who were having a good time, but nobody had really seen anything like it before.

Now, however, it seems this is going to be the tradition, because it also happened at the end of the 2013 Perfect Game All-American Classic. After the West defeated the East 8-6, the West players ran out to the mound and piled up. Then the East players all went out and piled on top of them.

Take a look:

I don’t know who that announcer is, but he sounds like he’s in the wrong sport. He should be calling professional wrestling, not baseball.

In any case, that’s a pretty great way to celebrate the end of a meaningless exhibition game. Hats off to the kids for keeping things fun.

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