Here’s Usain Bolt Protecting Himself from the Rain with an Imaginary Umbrella (GIF)

usain bolt imaginary umbrella

We love athletes who find a way to entertain us even when they aren’t all that great at the sport they play—Munenori Kawasaki is living proof of that.  However, there simply is nothing better than a world class showman that is also a world class athlete. That combination is exceedingly rare, and when a person like that comes along, we have to step back an appreciate it.

Muhammad Ali, of course, was probably the greatest athlete/showman in the history of sports. But there have been others since. Joe Namath was one, as were Shaquille O’Neal and Pete Rose.

Today? Well, today there is Novak Djokovic in tennis, and Alex Ovechkin in hockey. But the greatest athlete/showman in the world right now is, without a doubt, Usain Bolt. The guy not only amazes us with his blazing speed, but he also keeps things light, has a good time, and makes those around him laugh.

Need an example? Well, take a look at his pre-race routine from Sunday, when he won the 100-meter sprint at the 2013 World Athletic Championships in Moscow…where it was raining.

usain bolt invisible umbrella

With the dude’s reputation as the “fastest man in history” on the line, this was what he was thinking about. Pantomime.

How can you not love Usain Bolt?

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