USC Song Girls Went to Tahoe and Splashed Around in the Water (Gallery)

The college football season kicks off in just two weeks, and right now much of the talk is about Johnny Manziel and whether he’ll be suspended for signing autographs for money.

Obviously, if Manziel did violate the rules, which in this case are pretty clear—no profiting off your talent and success!—then he should be suspended. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t debate whether those rules are in fact ethical. After all, the NCAA and its member institutions certainly profit off of college football players. Sure, a lot of that money does go back into the academic institutions, building libraries and such, but you know a good chunk of it also ends up in the pockets of rich people.

Of course, college football players aren’t the only ones that the NCAA uses to make money. There are also the cheerleaders.

Now, at most schools, the cheerleaders do their thing during the season and then it’s done. But at some places, like the University of Southern California, cheerleading is an institution unto itself. The USC Song Girls have long been the most iconic cheerleading squad in college football, and the school definitely milks this status for all it’s worth…

Which brings us to the annual USC Song Girls Tahoe Trip. Every year, you see, they go into the California mountains and splash around in the water. Ostensibly it’s about team building and having fun! Yay! But, really, the idea is to get a bunch of hot college girls splashing in the water and take pictures of them.

Or in other words, their school is using them to make money. For, uh, libraries and such.

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