James Harrison Really Enjoyed the Singing Performance of Bengals Rookie DT Terrence Stephens (Video)

james harrison enjoys terrence stephens singing

Everyone knows that NFL teams use the long slog that is training camp to “initiate” (i.e. haze) their rookies. However, for most teams, “initiating the rookies” entails making them carry all the dirty equipment, giving them absurd haircuts, or, I don’t know, filling their cars with styrofoam packing peanuts and wrapping them in plastic wrap.

Not the Cincinnati Bengals, though. Apparently, they prefer to keep things light by having rookies sing for them.

At a team meeting this week, for example, coach Marvin Lewis called upon rookie DT Terrence Stephens, who has a reputation for being a bit of a songbird, to stand up before his team and serenade them with a classic slow jam.

New Bengals linebacker James Harrison approved. He approved big time.

Take a look:

Stephens is no Luther Vandross. He’s no Karen Carpenter, either. Still, for a football player I’d say he’s pretty good. And any time you get on James Harrison’s good side, you’re doing something right. So well done, Terrance. Well done.

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