Lightning Fast Player + Two Errors = One Bizarre Run for the Blue Jays (Video)

rajai davis scores on two errors

Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Rajai Davis may not have the best plate discipline in the league, but the guy is still having a pretty solid year and, at the age of 32, is still one of the fastest players in the game. This guy has swiped 34 bags this season, good for fourth-best in all of baseball, and he now has 257 for his career.

Of course, on Wednesday night in Toronto he didn’t exactly steel any bases. On the contrary, he just used his speed to take as many bases as the Boston Red Sox would give him. And, as it turned out, they gave him all of them.

In the bottom of the third inning with nobody on and two outs, Davis lined a Jon Lester pitch right back to the mound. Lester was able to knock it down with his leg, but rather than just hold on to the ball, he decided to try and throw the speedy Davis out at first.

That was mistake number one. Mistake number two was when Shane Victorino got it in his head that he could throw Davis out at third from foul territory behind first base.

He could not, and Davis then trotted home for the weirdest run we’ve seen in quite a while.

Take a look:

Word to the wise: next time, when Rajai Davis puts the ball in play and you don’t field it cleanly, just put the ball in your back pocket and focus on getting the next guy out.

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