Who Doesn’t Enjoy a Good Knockout From Women’s MMA? (Video)

women's mma knockout

Most of the time when we bring you knockouts from smalltime MMA or boxing events, those knockouts themselves are entertaining, but the overall quality of the fighting is pretty low. Sometimes the people are just not in peak physical condition, or sometimes they’re just kind of  sloppy. But either way, it’s obvious that a lack of ability was responsible for the pounding.

The great knockout we have for you today, however, is not like that. Sure, it’s from a smalltime MMA event in western Oklahoma called Sugar Creek Showdown 18, but the two women we have here—Jinh Yu Frey and Darla Harris—are fit as hell and very competent (if not extremely talented) fighters.

Still, one of them did suffer a pretty nasty knockout. The unlucky party? That would be Ms. Harris. I won’t describe the beating she took from Frey for you so as not to ruin the surprise, but it was definitely a good one.

Take a look:

I’m thinking that one last punch after Harris’s legs buckled and she was one her way down probably didn’t feel so great.

But getting back to my earlier point, that was some pretty decent fighting, wasn’t it? If I lived in Okalahoma, I’d pay to watch that.

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