Streaker at Browns-Lions Game Get’s Drilled By Security Guard (Videos)

cleveland browns streaker

Pitch invaders have become commonplace in sports these days, but one thing we rarely see is a full-on streaker, complete with full-frontal nudity and all.

During last night’s preseason match-up between the Cleveland Browns and the Detroit Lions at FirstEnergy Stadium (formerly known as Cleveland Browns Stadium), we were treated to just that, as one fan documented his pre-streak warm-up, before making his way onto the field, shedding his clothes, eluding a tackle from Lions running back Joique Bell, and eventually getting hit hard by a couple of on-field security guards.

Here’s a look at the dude’s warm-up routine:

And here’s a look at his takeoff, courtesy of the fan seated right beside him:

And finally, here’s our best look at the streaker’s final moments of glory, before he was eventually taken down while wearing nothing but his socks on his feet and his underwear around his ankles.  Needless to say, it’s probably NSFW.  Check it out:

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