Detroit Tigers Fan Has Serious Tiger-Centric Fashion Sense (Video)

detroit tigers fan in tiger print jacket

There are lots of ways to express your love for your team. You could paint your face with lipstick. You could shave a supporting message into your back hair. You could amputate a limb and replace it with a team-themed prosthesis. Or you could take your shirt off and just get jiggy with it.

Of course, all of those things have serious drawbacks. Lipstick face? People are going to think you’re kind of creepy. Fanscaping? Kind of disgusting. Artificial limb? You might want that leg again some day. And shirtless booty shaking? Well, that’s just humiliating.

If you’re looking for something a little less extreme, just do like this Detroit Tigers fan. He didn’t modify his body in any significant way or do anything that he wouldn’t be able to live down at work. He just wore a badass velvety tiger print jacket to the game.

You, sire, are a boss.

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