Prancercise Is the Greatest Fitness Movement Ever! (Video)


To all you who’ve been going to the gym to run on treadmills, or going to your local CrossFit establishment to lift tires, or even going to yoga studios to point your dog downward, I’ve got some really bad news: you’ve been going at it all wrong. You don’t need to pay money to get fit, and you most certainly don’t need to over exert yourself in any way, either.

No, all you really need to do is prancercise.

Wait, sorry, Prancercise®.

Now, I’m sure some of you know all about Prancercize LLC and it’s founder, Joanna Rohrback, who became an internet sensation when she launched her videos on YouTube back in December. However, I’m sure some of you haven’t heard about this fitness visionary or her revolutionary workout system, and I thought we should probably talk about it today to get you up to speed.

So what is prancercise? Wait, damnit, Prancercise®. Well, it’s basically just prancing to music. Like a crazy person.

Take a look at it yourself, but I must warn you that this video contains some fairly disturbing camel toe:

I know exactly what you are thinking right now, and let me assure you: yes, this woman is for real.

God love her.

Hat Tip to CP, a.k.a. Donnie Broj.