Wicked Curveball Just About Puts This Little League World Series Batter on His Butt (GIFs)

little league world series curveball freaks kid out

When I was in Little League the pitchers threw 40mph fastballs, and if they even tried to throw a breaking ball, you were pretty sure you were either going to get hit by a pitch or draw a walk.

Obviously, I never played in the Little League World Series. The pitchers who make it to that level have absolutely nasty stuff. Just ask little Jean Mar Sanchez of Team Panama. Though his team smacked Team Puerto Rico around yesterday in their opening game of the 2013 LLWS, he was the one made to look a little foolish on an absolutely wicked curveball from Puerto Rico’s Braulio Flores.

I’m not talking a big swing-and-a-miss, either. I’m talking about a curveball that made the kid’s knees buckle and then sent him stumbling about 20 feet behind home plate.

Take a look:

little league curveball 1

Now take a closer look:

little-league-curveball kid stumbling

Don’t feel embarrassed, though, Jean Mar. We all would have done the same things—actually, probably worse.

Hat Tip – [Business Insider]

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