This Unexpected Karate Knockout Is Ridiculously Awesome (Video)

awsome girls karate knockout

The following karate knockout video is the best kind of karate knockout video.

It starts out really boring. You begin watching the thing and almost immediately remember that profound sense of disappointment you experienced as a child when you realized taking actual karate was nothing like The Karate Kid movies. There was no Cobra Kai dojo where all the bullies in your school went, there was no sweeping of any legs, and there was no full-contact “All Valley Under 18 Tournament.” Real karate for kids was basically just a bunch of weak kicking and hugging—and that’s exactly what this video starts out as.

But then something amazing happens. Out of the blue, amidst all the lame shin-kicking and arm-grabbing, one of the competitors in this video pulls off an absolutely ridiculous move that knocks her opponent on her butt in cartoon-like fashion. Then she just kind of saunters off like, yeah, I do that all the time. Like a boss.

Take a look:

With this knockout, my childhood love for fake movie karate has been restored.

Now if you’ll please excuse me, I’m going to go join a dojo now.

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