Pam Oliver Got Hit in the Face With a Football on Sunday (GIF)

pam oliver hit in face by football

If you’re a sideline reporter, it’s a pretty safe bet that, sooner or later, you’re going to have something bad happen to you. You never know when, and you never know what. You could get hit by a puck, hit by a ball, run over by a football player, drenched by a bucket of Gatorade, texted a picture of a legendary quarterback’s dong, or even married to Christian Ponder.*

The point is, eventually, something bad is going to happen. And for FOX’s Pam Oliver, that something came prior to Sunday night’s preseason game between the Indianapolis Colts and New York Giants—specifically, she got hit in the side of the face by an errant pass from Indianapolis backup QB Chandler Harnish.

Now, seeing as how it was prior to the game, you might think that the viewers at home didn’t even see it happen. However, the good folks over at FOX made sure they replayed the footage in slow-motion so everyone could watch the impact on their DVRs over and over.

Take a look:

pam oliver hit in face by football gif

Don’t worry, though. Oliver is a pro. She just popped a few aspirins, iced her noggin for a few minutes, and got back to work.

*J/K, Christian Ponder. You’re a cool dude, and much richer and better-looking than me.

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