Reggie Wayne Provides THE Highlight of the NFL Preseason (GIF)

reggie wayne incredible touchdown catch

Well I guess not all off the balls thrown on Sunday night in Indianapolis wound up hitting Pam Oliver in the face. At least one of them was caught in spectacular fashion by the Colts’ superstar wide receiver Reggie Wayne.

With just under three minute remaining in the first quarter, Indy QB Andrew Luck threw an absolutely terrible pass toward the endzone that really ought to have been caught by Giants cornerback Aaron Ross. However, instead of snagging it cleanly, Ross deflected the ball back into the air. Wayne then reached out and managed to get just a finger on the ball, deflecting it even higher into the air. Then he tracked the thing down and caught it in the endzone.

It really was as awesome as it sounds. Take a look:

reggie wayne touchdown gif

That, ladies in gentlemen, is the best highlight you’re going to see during the NFL preseason. And I’d say Andrew Luck owes both Aaron Ross and Reggie Wayne a couple of beers for that one. His pass went from an interception to an incompletion to a touchdown in a span of two seconds.

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