Ryan Dempster Plunked Alex Rodriguez On Purpose Last Night, Fulfilling Every Baseball Fan’s Wildest Fantasy (Video)

alex rodriguez hit by dempster pitch

Don’t worry, Alex Rodriguez haters. Boston Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster has your back.

When the lifelong baseball cheater made his season debut in Chicago two weeks ago on the very day that his hypothetical 211-game suspension was announced, the fans booed. But for those of you who despise A-Roid with every fiber of your being, that wasn’t enough. So you waited. You waited for the Bronx Bombers to travel to Boston for their first series against the Red Sox at Fenway since the suspension, because you knew that there he would receive the welcome he deserved. And sure enough, the fans of Boston did not disappoint. The boos this weekend were as endless as they were merciless.

That would have been good enough. However, on Sunday night the A-Rod Anti-Fan Club got a special surprise: a little vigilante baseball justice courtesy of the aforementioned Dempster.

You see, Dempster apparently has an especially enthusiastic dislike for Rodriguez. So when the third baseman came to the plate in the second inning—with the Fenway Faithful chanting, “YOU’RE A CHEATER!”—Dempster threw two inside pitches; one that actually went behind him, and, finally, a solid 92-mph fastball that plunked him right on the elbow.

Oh, Joe Girardi was upset, and he got ejected because he couldn’t handle the fact that Dempster wasn’t immediately ejected. But pretty much everyone else in the country (except the strippers at Rick’s Cabaret) loved it.

Take a look:

Unfortunately, A-Rod Haters, this story does not have a happy ending for you. In the 6th the guy came to the plate and blasted a bomb off Dempster that helped spark a 9-6 come-from-behind win for the Yanks.

But don’t worry. You can just pretend that didn’t happen.

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