Soccer Goalie Headbutts Opponent, Tries to Pretend He Was the Victim (Video)

soccer goalie headbutts opponent after goal

You’ve probably never heard of Pawel Kieszek before. He’s a goalie for Vitoria de Setubal, which is not one of the “big three” Portuguese soccer clubs. However, this guy does get paid to play soccer for a living, so one would have to assume he knows a thing or two about sports. And for that reason, it’s kind of weird that he thought he could headbutt a guy who just scored a goal, fall to the ground, pretend like he was the one who got attacked, and then expect to get away with it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I get why he wanted to headbutt the guy. Porto’s Josue was being a total d-bag, showing Kieszek up by kicking the ball in the net again after the goal. However, as much as I would have wanted to knock this guy on his ass, I would have refrained because I would have been worried that I would get ejected, and that my ejection would cost my team the game…which is exactly what ended up happening. The goal Josue scored tied the game at one, but after Kieszek was ejected, Porto went on to defeat Setubal 3-1.

Take a look:

Come on, Pawel. At least when Zinedine Zidane did it he was like, “Yeah bro, je l’ai fait, ’cause je déteste that f**ker.” Headbutting somebody and pretending like he attacked you is bush league.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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