Viral Vine: Watch a Gymnast Go Flying Off a Springboard

gymnastics vine

When Twitter first released Vine, their video-sharing platform, I was a little confused. Instagram? That kind of made sense. YouTube? That makes all kinds of sense. But what was the point, I wondered, of a video sharing site that only lets you make six-second, looping videos?

Then it dawned on me: Vine videos are like GIFs with sound. You get the awesomeness of looping, which captures absurd, funny, or amazing moments in time and plays them over and over, plus you get the awesomeness of audio.

Or, in other words, it makes hilarious things like this possible:

Whoever made this Vine took a six year old Craftsman NASCAR commercial that had become a popular animated GIF on the interwebz and turned it into something entirely new. The result is pretty funny; however, I am kind of surprised they didn’t use the famous Jim Ross commentary everyone is using these days.

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