LeBron James Gets Unauthorized Police Escort to Jay-Z Concert in Miami (Video)

LeBron James Police Escort

Here’s a hypothetical scenario for you to ponder: You’re a high-ranking official with the Miami-Dade Police Department. Jay-Z is in your city for a concert, and he refuses to start playing until LeBron James is in attendance. James is stuck in traffic. You know that you’re not supposed to give preferential treatment to any Miami-Dade citizens, but if LeBron doesn’t make it to the concert soon, people are going to get annoyed.

Just in case the suspense is killing you, I’ll tell you what really happened: Miami-Dade PD gave LeBron an unauthorized escort to the concert. For eight glorious blocks, King James floated through Miami traffic like modern-day loyalty. Now, after some controversy, a representative for the police department is saying “this should not have happened.”

You can get the whole story from TMZ here, or watch a short clip of LeBron’s police-escorted journey to the Jay-Z concert below:

As far as abuses of police power go, this seems pretty harmless to me.

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