RGIII and Coach Shanahan Seem to be Getting Along Just Fine (Videos)

robert griffin iii joking with mike shanahan

Ever since Robert Griffin III went down and the Redskins lost their first round playoff game against the Seahawks last year, the team has been under a microscope. First everyone wondered whether the Redskins acted irresponsibly by letting RG3 play through a knee injury. Then, for some reason, Donovan McNabb felt the need to inject himself into the situation by saying publicly that the team has “brainwashed” the young star quarterback. Finally, just a couple weeks ago, everyone was freaking out because RG3 publicly admitted that he doesn’t necessarily like the rehab plan put in place by coach Mike Shanahan—and speculation ran wild that a rift was brewing.

Unfortunately for those of you who love controversy, it seems that there really is none with regards to Griffin and Shanahan’s relationship. The former has clarified that he doesn’t like the rehab because he’s competitive, but that his coach is the boss. The latter, meanwhile, has said that he’s just listening to the doctor, and when the doctor says RG3 can play, he will play.

But wait, what’s that? You still don’t believe everything’s cool between Grif and Shanny? Well, then take a look at this candid moment from the first quarter of last night’s game against the Steelers. As RG3 was walking by, he casually asked him if he wanted to go in the game, and from the looks of it, the kid actually bought it for just a second before Shanahan said “No way, I’m totally kidding!”

Then everyone had a good laugh.

Here’s one angle:

Here’s another:

I think it’s safe to say that Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan are getting along just fine.

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