Drunk Cardinals Fan Fails In His Attempt to Fight Cubs Fan (Video)

drunk fan fight

You know who shouldn’t get into drunken fights outside sporting events? People who suck at being drunk and fighting.

Unfortunately, the dude in the video you are about to watch did not have enough self-knowledge to avoid putting himself in this situation. He challenges some Cubs fan to a fight outside Wrigley Field in Chicago, hopping around like a total spaz. The Cubs fan, meanwhile, seems to want no part of this nonsense, but he basically gets attacked anyway.

Of course, the “attack” is extremely pathetic. The drunk dude in the gray shirt tries to kick him (who does that?), but instead falls to the ground and very nearly cracks his skull open on the sidewalk. Then he gets back up, falls sideways into a building, gets back up again, and takes a big huge swing at the Cubs fans…and misses.

Take a look:

According to the person who posted the video on YouTube, this occurred on Friday after the Cubs beat the Cardinals, 7-0, and the drunk idiot is a Cardinals fan. However, there’s really no evidence of that in the video. Moreover, if the person who uploaded the video is the same person holding the phone vertically instead of sideways and saying “I would drop that motherf*cker so quick,” well then I think we’d have to say their credibility is a little suspect.

But for now we’ll just assume they are right, and this is a Cardinals fan, because it really doesn’t matter. Either way, this guy is pretty terrible at life.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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