LeBron James Puts the Hairline Jokes to Bed by Shaving His Head (Pics)

lebron shaved head

Lots have athletes have garnered attention for their wacky hairdos over the years, from Andre Agassi to Carlos Valderrama. However, I dare say that no one’s hair has been analyzed and mocked more than that of LeBron James.

Of course, unlike the other two guys I just mentioned, the talk about LeBron’s hair is never about how wild it is. Instead, it’s about his ever-retreating hairline.

Now, it’s kind of ridiculous to make fun of a guy for having a receding hairline. Sure, LeBron is a little young to be going bald, but eventually it happens to 70% of all men (deal with it, kids).  So really, people are just being stupid when they make fun of the guy.

In any case, LeBron has taken all the jokes about his hairline pretty well over the years. He’s even cracked a few jokes about it himself. However, he’s also been slowly moving toward a completely shaved head in recent years.

Here’s what he looked like in 2006:

lebron james with hair

And here’s what he looked like at the 2013 ESPY Awards last month:

lebron james espys 2013

Now LeBron has taken yet another step toward complete Michael Jordan-style baldness. While in the Philippines recently for Nike’s “Witness History Tour,” LeBron let his barber take almost everything off.

The result? He looks pretty damn good:

lebron james head close-up

LeBron, in the words of your sponsor, just do it. Go full Jordan and shave your head. It suits you.

Hat Tip – [Business Insider]

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