LeBron James Finally Takes Part in a Dunk Contest…in a Nike Commercial (Video)

lebron nike commercial dunk contest

For years people have been saying that LeBron James needs to take part in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. If he really wants to be compared to Michael Jordan, the thinking goes, he has to put his dunking reputation on the line.

Well, LeBron still hasn’t competed in, let alone won, a dunk contest. And this past season the “should he/shouldn’t he” talk reached a fever pitch after the guy performed a number of showtime dunks during pregame warmups, which prompted none other than Magic Johnson to offer him a million bucks to take part in the dunk contest.

And now? Well, now the LeBron-no-take-part-in-dunk-contest thing is even in a new Nike commercial.

The ad in question is actually pretty great. It’s wryly narrated by Bradley Cooper and challenges amateur athletes to be great and push their boundaries. Then, ironically, it ends with a reference to the fact that we’ve all been dying to see LeBron take part in a dunk contest, before closing with the classic slogan, Just Do It, splashed across the screen.

Take a look:

Listen to your sponsor, LeBron. Just do it.

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