Now THIS Is the Best Swimming Pool Basketball Alley-Oop Trick Shot Dunk Ever (Video)

crazy pool trampoline basketball dunk

Last month we showed what might have been the greatest swimming pool basketball alley-oop trick shot dunk of all-time. It featured six teenage males making six precision passes before a seventh dunks the ball, and it was spectacular.

Now, it seems, there is another group of bored teenage males without summer jobs who are hell bent on surpassing the originals. And, after watching the video you’re about to see, I’d say they’ve done it. Their dunk features 10 dudes, 11 passes, two trampolines, a guy on roller blades, and, last but not least, a dude in a gorilla costume.

Oh, and the kid who finally jams the ball home is wearing a camera on his head.

Take a look:

Of course, just like the pool dunk from a few weeks ago, when it comes to death-defying acrobatics, these guys still don’t compare to the Mission Viejo kids. But what they lack in utter stupidity, they make up for with precision and creativity. And gorilla suits.

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