This Russian Street Workout Demonstration Is Pretty Impressive for Several Reasons (Video)

chick in thong working out

People have been working out in parks pretty much as long as there have been parks to workout in—which is to say, forever. However, more recently the act of working out in a park with a group of likeminded fitness enthusiasts has been rebranded as a “street workout.” Now people are putting on street workout demonstrations all over the place–basically, showing off—and there is even a Street Workout World Championship.

So what does a street workout demonstration entail? Basically, it’s a bunch of extremely fit people doing impressive feats of strength in a park in front of a bunch of onlookers.

Here’s an example of a street workout from Russia. It’s notable not just because of the impressive exercises these people perform (seriously, they might be members of the Russian gymnastics team for all we know), but also because at least one of the female athletes taking part prefers a very minimalist wardrobe (which is always fun).

Have a look:

Yeah, I can totally do one-handed pull-ups. Don’t see what the big deal is there.

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