Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Beat Hulk Hogan in an Arm Wrestling Match Today (Video)

rob ford vs hulk hogan

The Fan Expo Canada is currently taking place this weekend in Toronto and as part of the festivities, the people hosting the event referred to as “Comic-Con North” invited Hulk Hogan to take on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in an arm wrestling match between the world’s most famous professional wrestler and the world’s most famous crack-smoking mayor.

Now, if this were an eating or crack-smoking contest, I certainly would have put my money on Ford, but seeing as how it was an arm wrestling match, you’d figure the Hulkster would have a clear advantage, right?

Not quite.  Check it out:

First he’s able to remain in office despite his drug-use allegations.  Then he beats Hulk Hogan in an arm wrestling match.  Is there anything Rob Ford can’t do?

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