Cardinals Safety Rashad Johnson Makes Terrible Decision, Results in the Worst Touchdown of the Year (Video)

rashad johnson lateral touchdown fail

Everyone knows that the purpose of the NFL preseason is to give teams time to tweak systems and iron out all the kinks. For that reason, I’ve always wondered why people agree to pay actual money to sit in the stands and watch these games.

Sure, come mid-August, people are desperate for football. I get that. But this isn’t really football. In fact, this is often pure stupidity. This is third-string quarterbacks throwing passes up the middle into double coverage. It’s a defensive lineman going offside every time the guy across from him blinks. And it’s safeties recovering fumbles on their own 10-yard line and trying to lateral the ball to a teammate.

Of course, this last one is not a hypothetical statement. As you SportsCenter junkies (or Fox Sports Live junkies, I guess) already know, I am talking about Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson.

On Saturday night against the Chargers, San Diego fumbled the football at the goal line and Johnson recovered it. “That,” you would have thought if you were actually watching a preseason game between the Cardinals and Chargers, “just saved his team at least three points, and maybe seven.” Only it didn’t. Johnson was either unaware that he was not in danger of being tackled for a safety, or he was hungry for a big play. So he decided to toss a lateral pass to a teammate.

Obviously, that lateral pass was intercepted by a Chargers lineman, who trotted five yards into the endzone for the San Diego touchdown.

Take a look:

If that’s not the ugliest touchdown we see all year, I’ll be absolutely shocked.

So thank you, Rashad Johnson. You just reminded me never to pay money to go watch a preseason NFL game. All the fantastic Reggie Wayne catches in the world aren’t enough to make me want to watch this.

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